Philosophical Propositions by Michiel Koperdraat, for consideration, reflection, contemplation, meditation, and deliberation 🙂

For those who love spiritual ‘fast food’, below are some aphorisms that can inspire contemplative thinking and hopefully serve as an enticing entry to the rest of the articles on this website.

  • Spirituality is the inner drive to realize our full human potential, by shedding mechanical actions and reactions, being fully present in the Now, and doing or not doing what is necessary
  • Self-knowledge is a process, not an endpoint
  • The primary task of our Reason, in this era, is the education of our mind
  • The sole task of a consciousness coach is to inform
  • If you realize you can’t do anything, there’s always the option of not doing things anymore
  • If spiritual awareness is not accompanied by societal awareness, and societal awareness is not accompanied by spiritual awareness, the ego builds tall ivory towers
  • We must uncover what is real, so that what is not real will be unmasked and dissolves
    We must uncover what isn’t real so that what is real can show itself
  • Our Reason (Ratio) speaks wisely to our heart, and our Heart speaks wisely to our reason (ratio)
  • We can only see in another what we truly understand in ourselves. We often misjudge and misperceive others because we don’t yet understand many things within ourselves
  • Truth-philosophy, based on real Knowledge and Wisdom, is the only right approach to formulating a Theory Of Everything
  • The core need behind all needs (fulfilled or unfulfilled) is the same for every human: to be one and connected with the Self, pure Consciousness, with the world in which they live, and to flourish in complete self-expression
  • Those who no longer passionately wonder at the immense size and the minute smallness in our universe, imprison themselves in narrow-minded anthropocentrism
  • One is never too old to unlearn
  • Looking for change? Change yourself, and you’ll find change
  • I am not what I am attached to, and I am not the one attaching
  • Do we have a ‘free will’? Being truly free means being free from willing. Free will is a contradictio in terminis
  • The cause of discontent lies in our inner world, even if it is triggered by the external world
  • If we want to bring out the best in ourselves, we will have to start discovering what the best in ourselves is
  • ‘Home’ is not a place, but a state of Being
  • Rarely do people from the same family live in the same family
  • If a master stops being a student, his credibility is over
  • A true sage is like a loving rock on which all the waves of the ego shatter
  • We only gain depth in what we do and think when we get to know our own essence
  • We can only listen to another if we can listen to ourselves
  • Striving for ‘enlightenment’ is a sleeping aid
  • By knowing we’re fully connected to everything, without attaching ourselves to it, we don’t have to turn away from anything and we can fully enjoy, including illusions
  • The concept of ego needs to be defined, otherwise, you’ll get nowhere
  • For the ego, at a deeper level, there’s no difference between a compliment and an insult. Both are sustenance for its survival
  • Lying is a reaction from unconsciousness to an uncomfortable (inconvenient) truth
  • Self-knowledge is much more than knowing our personality
  • Mental hygiene is more important and necessary than physical hygiene
  • Being lovingly present = giving
  • Forgiveness is the fruit of a developed and matured Feeling Center
  • Leadership = servitude
  • Meet everyone as if it’s the first time
  • ‘Perpetual motion’:
    Think what you Know, say what you think, do what you say, and know what you do
  • The Now is eternal, so don’t think in time, or you’ll leave the Now
  • We are ‘dividuals’ rather than individuals because in our current state we’re everything but ‘undivided’
  • Consciousness is the ultimate potential to take on ALL manifestations, even those that can look at themselves in self-reflection, such as humans
  • The point where we find ourselves in the stream of life indicates precisely what we should do and what we should refrain from
  • The knower needs to know himself before he can know anything outside of himself with certainty
  • Asleep, our ego-personality is the king over its own illusions. But once awake, our ego-less personality is the butler of our inner Wisdom



© Michiel Koperdraat