“You only see it when you get it,” says our soccer philosopher Johan Cruijff.
This doesn’t only apply to the popular game of soccer, but also when it comes to personal and mental matters in our game of life. For centuries, wise people and philosophical schools have been giving us guidelines to ‘get it’ at some point, so the causes of the discomforts we live with no longer fall within our ‘blind spot’. You then come across texts from old masters and new teachers and coaches who point us to our essence. They guide us and show us the pitfalls and snares that constantly make us not see and therefore not understand.

Getting it is essentially not difficult, if only we would stop thinking that we already get everything, or assuming that we might never get it.
The ‘seeing’ is also not inherently difficult, if we would just be willing to take off that barely translucent and tinted pair of glasses in wonder.
What then becomes visible will sometimes feel like a warm shower, but often also like a cold shower that will eventually refresh and thoroughly warm us!

In this viewer, important aphorisms, affirmations, or ‘directions’ have been placed for inspiration.
Release yourself!
Additions are welcome, and I will add them if the text is not too long and touches the essence.
Enjoy and wisdom with it!
Michiel Koperdraat

Thanks to Sócrates Magno Torres, for the original of ‘Transfiguration’ (from barbed wire to birds)