‘Read me’

Read Me

‘Read me’, that’s how some manuals start.
Hence the explanation below, to tell how this website was created and ‘works’. This website is informative and offers a ‘manual’ to achieve inner freedom and self-realization and flourishing, for anyone who is serious focussed on it. The website is therefore meaningful if it’s read like a book with various chapters. One can also freely surf between different topics, making the site a guide for readers for the self-taught realization of inner freedom. A manual that you compile and follow yourself.

This website is primarily informative and does not aim for financial profit. It covers many topics dear to me as its creator, which, in my experience, lead to inner liberation. Words are necessary for this, more words than are typically used on websites today. The aim is to be explicit and profound, and everything necessary should be written to prevent any misinterpretations. The website provides a number of practical actions and descriptions of inner attitudes that are liberating if consistently applied. You’ll naturally encounter them. It’s a practical manual towards inner freedom, not just a theoretical treatise. A guide to becoming a ‘true’ human being, someone who realizes oneself and blooms in self-reflection. Essentially, a modern Shastra, a spiritual philosophical treatise that teaches, advises, and creates tasks for those who want to learn to live according to their ‘purpose’.

I started this website to avoid writing a book. You have to pay for books, but this website is free, accessible to everyone, and has various ‘chapters’, like a book. But a book is linear, from the first to the last page. This site isn’t. You can surf to your heart’s content, crisscross through all texts, and be guided by what appeals to you.

In the text, some words are brown. Hover over them with the cursor, and a pop-up will appear, providing an in-depth explanation of the term. A footnote. If the text is brown and also italicized, then the pop-up leads to another page relevant to this topic. Click on here.

So, this is a slow-food website for anyone who wants to delve into the essence of inner liberation without spiritual frills. And that can’t be done hastily. So, it’s a website for readers, for those who want to be inspired to make a more permanent inner transformation (without costs, other than ‘committing to it’), but it might not be suitable for lovers of spiritual-philosophical fast-food. Yet, we’ve thought of those too! For them, there are pages like Statements and Release Yourself. They contain many aphorisms that could tempt contemplation and thus offer a gateway to the rest of the pages.

Enjoy reading!
Michiel Koperdraat