Starting Point and Setup is an initiative by Michiel Koperdraat aimed at serving as a wakefulness agent. There are plenty of sleep agents in our materialistic and somewhat mechanical world, not only in the form of physical pharmaceuticals but also as mental consciousness narrowers like media, trends, crazes, games, and other addictive attention-demanders like smartphones and work. In the alternative and spiritual world, many identifications can also be observed. These can lead to rose-colored clouds that can turn into dark clouds when they rub against one’s inner self or when there are differences of opinion.

We live in a time where ambivalence, deceit, violence, and deception are the order of the day. This results in a lot of fear and stress but also in a lot of dullness and separation. There’s little connection in this time, yet it’s so needed now. Everything is changing quickly, and we let ourselves be led in all directions. Old anchor points have been (sometimes rightly) rejected as outdated. Crazes and trends have taken their place. Few are anchored within themselves, and thus they are easily swayed in the storm or rat race of modern hectic life. We’re unable to experience the storm without getting wet. No peace, no trust, and no sustainability in thinking, feeling, and acting are not only the cause but also the result. A downward spiral… But it can be different! mainly offers this website. A lot of free information is available here. Information that enables visitors to continue with their own inner development, as an autognost, or self-knower. The website describes many disturbances that make us feel internally unfree, as well as many solutions to these. These mainly involve adjustments to our inner attitude towards ourselves and the world around us.

Furthermore, provides interactive lectures/meetings, courses, and study days/weeks, mainly on request. They can take place for groups of about 7 or more people. They are intensive interactive gatherings (conversations and practical work) where everything can be asked, expressed, and observed. They can be a meaningful continuation of the path of inner development. The aim is to quickly go your own way as an autognost. An initial interactive lecture can provide insights into what we individually need to work on to break free from life situations and attitudes that limit us. If desired, there can be a follow-up, or a series of meetings where we test what we discuss in practice. Because only experience sticks! aims to be a guide or manual for those who want to achieve inner liberation within and with themselves. So no teacher and guru stuff! No stages and no incense. The right information to reach our own inner true source of Information is unfortunately too often missing in our world. therefore offers this for free on this website! Everyone can then as soon as possible continue the inner liberation process on their own. Feel free to hitch a ride and then go your own way again!

This site provides a detailed description of how we typically function in our daily lives, drawing from both the Fourth Way philosophy of G.I. Gurdjieff and P.D. Ouspensky and the Vedic philosophy, combined with insights from Michiel Koperdraat’s practical experience.
In addition to spiritual-philosophical articles, offers a large number of vision articles (under the bLogbook articles tab) that hopefully inspire or provoke thought. They are sometimes written somewhat sharply to invite the reader to rub the sleep well out of their eyes!
Feel free to ask questions or leave a comment!